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  1. Retlverse Toymaker retl

    My mind has started mixing the intro to Family Guy with that At The Gala thing.

    Saturday, 21-May-11 23:52:47 UTC from Gwibber
  2. Retlverse Toymaker retl

    It just occurred to me that eating food that is labeled as a month past-due just because it tastes good may be why I felt no food-want since

    Saturday, 21-May-11 23:12:17 UTC from Gwibber
  3. Retlverse Toymaker retl

    -1, -2, -3, -4, -5 ohai

    Saturday, 21-May-11 22:01:48 UTC from Gwibber
  4. Retlverse Toymaker retl

    Frustration acquired. Launching bad-pun missiles, now! Orbital Pinkamena satellite cannon, FIRE!

    Saturday, 21-May-11 21:03:45 UTC from Gwibber
  5. Retlverse Toymaker retl

    Chrome just crashed on me *3* times mid posting. Screw it.

    Saturday, 21-May-11 20:55:06 UTC from Gwibber
  6. Retlverse Toymaker retl

    Alone with Sasha again and I have no idea how to care for her. I think she's already fed though...

    Saturday, 21-May-11 18:49:32 UTC from Gwibber
  7. Retlverse Toymaker retl

    It just occurred to me that today is Saturday. I'll have the art update done before I sleep.

    Saturday, 21-May-11 17:23:28 UTC from Gwibber
  8. Retlverse Toymaker retl

    As much as I complain about art, I think I do love it. Otherwise these urges and itches for it would stop bugging me altogether.

    Saturday, 21-May-11 15:40:22 UTC from Gwibber
  9. Retlverse Toymaker retl

    There we go! Had to do a little tinkering around with which versions of Wine was doing and Steam commandline arguments,but Wine/Portal is GO

    Saturday, 21-May-11 14:21:03 UTC from Gwibber
  10. Retlverse Toymaker retl

    Okay. I suppose it's time I learn wiki-syntax, then.

    Saturday, 21-May-11 14:10:40 UTC from Gwibber
  11. Retlverse Toymaker retl

    I forgot we have a pet now.

    Saturday, 21-May-11 13:59:42 UTC from Gwibber
  12. Retlverse Toymaker retl

    Sleep will be had.

    Saturday, 21-May-11 04:21:29 UTC from Gwibber
  13. Retlverse Toymaker retl

    I was planning to draw a pegasus with balloons before last night ended. And I did. But it is now morning. !ponyart #

    Saturday, 21-May-11 04:08:16 UTC from Gwibber
  14. Retlverse Toymaker retl

    Oh. We have a pet dog, now. Welcome to your new home Sasha. You poop on the sofa or my floor, and I will not be pleased.

    Saturday, 21-May-11 01:17:46 UTC from Gwibber
  15. Retlverse Toymaker retl I saw a really pretty picture of some Scotch Bonnets after somepony mentioned them in the MUSH. Tried drawing one! #

    Friday, 20-May-11 21:48:40 UTC from Gwibber
  16. Retlverse Toymaker retl

    Nerd-awesome achieved. Cave Story 3DS 's 2D sprites + 3D Env. looks kinda sweet. Thanks for the link, @RavenWorks !

    Friday, 20-May-11 21:38:17 UTC from Gwibber
  17. Retlverse Toymaker retl

    I can't get over the fact that I'm taken with how Ingram markets himself lately. When I obtain worth showing, I want to show it like that.

    Friday, 20-May-11 20:52:50 UTC from Gwibber
  18. Retlverse Toymaker retl

    Mister Omynoms, how many licks does it take to get to the Toosie-roll center of a Toosie-pop? Let's fine out. One. A-two. A-three- Crunch!

    Friday, 20-May-11 16:12:29 UTC from Gwibber
  19. Retlverse Toymaker retl

    I've got that At The Gala song stuck in my head now. Specifically, Pinkie's Part. Countering with Portal.

    Friday, 20-May-11 16:08:39 UTC from Gwibber
  20. Retlverse Toymaker retl

    RT @colfax: "@retl I'm thinking that ballpits for adults should be made readily available"

    Friday, 20-May-11 15:43:40 UTC from Gwibber

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